There is a lot of feedback on the workshops by the participants. You can convince yourself on the website or simply read the following feedbacks:
Bernd says: "Was a great workshop, which gave me a personal insight into astral travels. A great experience and wonderful trip. Thank you very much"

Petra says: "It was really an adventurous workshop! Already before the weekend I had several dreams about the workshop and its contents. Perhaps already a nocturnal "preparation" (?). The atmosphere was great, so many interested persons in out-of-body experiences in a bunch. My experiences ranged from hovering over the body during a meditation, personal insights right up to OBE and lucid dreams, in which Jonathan was a guide at my side - astral or in a dream, well remembered! With the contact to my mentor it did not work so well during the workshop, but today, the day after! Hooray! ;-) Surprisingly, as good as any of the 21 (!) participants of OBE and/or lucid dreamings could report during the workshop - one story more crazy than the other ;-) We laughed a lot and I was delicious amused! ;-)) All in all, a very successful workshop! Thank you Jonathan and everyone else. Thank you!"

Sven says: "A magic weekend is not an exaggeration, a magic weekend which I like to remember. Since this workshop I regret not even a mile for the long journey. Certainly, the experiences and contacts I made form an important building block in further work in this direction. Many of the content in your workshop you present in a theoretical way in your blog, but the interaction with you and the other participants was a real enrichment! The atmosphere was great, there was a lot of laughter and our lively exchange brought you even a few program points."


Mona says: "Since the seminar, I am inwardly clearer and more relaxed, and people approach me and say that I have changed and radiate happiness! You've positively "enchanted" us, Jonathan! Thank you."


Markus says: "Great weekend! It is so good to have met a few people who have made the same experiences. Jonathan did not let any question unanswered. I have learned a lot. Thank you for everything!"


Daniel says: "All in all an unforgettable weekend!! I think, I did not have a lucid dream yet, in which the clarity and controllability of the happening that were so united, a very impressive experience, which I can surely continue to noorish from for a while. Now only remains to be seen whether I can also carry a bit of the "swing" with into the daily routine. Many thanks to all the participants, it was a very open, heartful and also humorous round, a rare happiness, so open and excited about "such subjects" To be able to talk, really it was totally refreshing. I mean, in everyday life, this is rarely the case. I would be very happy, especially with the people from the area, to stay in touch, to organize sometimes the one or other astral meeting."


Frank says: "I was looking forward to finally getting to your workshop Jonathan. :) It was a very successful workshop. The one incredibly gripping energy bargain, in its lineup .... All the interesting participants ... all your insightful information :) Thanks Jonathan and the presents with mentors and and and ..." :)


Heike says: "Jonathan, it was a great workshop. I've been working for a decade, with a sense of consciousness, etc. - here, finally, some questions and gaps could be closed, especially thanks to your unique card. Now I finally know where I am, where I come from and where I would like to travel everything :-) The pick-up through you and your mentor was great, I had never experienced an out-of-body experience so clear before and so consciously. There is only a little energy left to stay outside. And if there is a 5-day seminar with more exercises, then I will like to participate in any case!
T. says: "I myself participated to the workshop and was just flattering on the many, overwhelming events and a whole lot of completely new insights. Ergo: I can only recommend it to everyone. Thank you!"


Daniel says: "It was a very exciting seminar in which the knowledge gained from the day-to-day practice and research works of the seminar leader. The questions and experiences of the participants were not too short, they were well integrated into the seminar. For me it was never boring. The exercises were carried out by the majority of the participants in a timely fashion.


Uwe says: "Dear Jonathan, the many experience reports from you and also from the "more practiced" participants has been very exciting. I also find it great, that despite your incredible experiences you always remain so natural and approachable. From the theory I knew most of it already, but the one or other important reference there was still. All in all a very worthwhile and harmonious event in a very nice environment."


Ralf says: "I found the seminar (Astral Travel I) also very informative, although the second part was even more interesting for me. :-) Also, it was nice to meet you and find out that you are very symphatic and take your time, giving everyone your full attention. The introductory words at the end of the workshop are very apt and describe my current situation. I am looking for my way to my inner universe and I realize that I am at the beginning of a research trip. :-)"

Chris says: "As I said on the spot, I enjoyed the weekend very much, especially the people and the completely normal handling of the topic did me very very well. One learns to drive or make a Chi-Gong course, others make a great course in astral travel. This normality takes much of the anxiety and the experiences of the others motivate you quite a bit. I continue to gradually integrate new things, in terms of cluttering, as astral travel into my life and look forward to the time in Freiburg. Until then and thank you for all your free matrix pages"


Christine says: "First of all a big thank you to you, Jonathan, for this wonderful workshop, as well as to the whole group, which made the weekend an unforgettable experience! We had all been a bit nervous about what was going to happen to us and how it would be to exchange experiences with wholesales and spend a whole weekend. Since many came from far away, some of them already got to know each other at breakfast and started the first day in a relaxed round. For me, personally, were beside the many interesting discussions and the extensive expertise, the beautiful surroundings really fantastic, also the sleep interruption has been very exciting. On the one hand, because of the adventurous excursion on the clear nightsky I could determine that it all actually worked. I was able to remember some of the tragedy and the next night I even woke up immediately after 4.5 hours. Most of us do not know everyday people who are concerned with dreaming, so it was very enriching to learn how others are doing and how many people have similar experiences and are experiencing similar inhibitions or anxieties. We really were a great group, had a lot of fun together and learned a lot. Before going home again I also added a new dream diary with the firm intention to write regularly and to analyze the dreams now. It was great to meet Jonathan once in person and I can recommend it very much to anyone who plays with the idea of ​​attending a workshop with him. :-)"

Chord writes: "I was already sure that it would be a nice workshop, which would bring me personally somehow further in my development - otherwise I would not go there ;-), but it was in all respects a quite unique experience for me (I had it me, not as complex, stimulating and diverse areas presented as appealing, as was then the case) - which is certainly also because I am still quite a novice, but fortunately not as an obstacle proved. At least, for the first time I can understand the motivation to make out-of-body experiences at all and will probably sooner or later also consciously try. I found the atmosphere in the group were really great and it was an immensely familiar and intensive atmosphere - also I was not none of those present unsympathetic, some even exceedingly sympathetic :-). And I can only say from my beginners' perspective, the workshop (it is by the way my first in the area at all, and therefore also my first with Jonathan) I totally liked, which I have noticed from conversations, but quite also those with more previous experience. So I had a very much start with it and did not get bored. The time in the night at the fire in the forest with the myths and stories was beautiful and faded as though in flight - although the participation was not obligatory, the majority of the 10 students had come, even though the nightly conscious sleep interruption was a first-time event for some of them. Jonathan, to you also once again a BIG thank you for the great dream workshop - I even did not regret the far journey from Vienna!"


Elo says: "My expectations for the workshop have been exceeded. At first I was a bit skeptical because I had already read a lot about dreams, etc, and thought that not much new would come. However, I have received some valuable new hints and am looking forward to using them. With your help I also for the first time found an explanation for my special experiences in everyday life or you have confirmed my assumption. Now I also have understood your theory with the different selves and know how you came to it. And now, after the workshop, I can imagine much more easily that life can be quite different. It has lost much of its firmness for me. It has been enough room to discuss the questions or concerns of each individual. It was also great to listen to the different experiences of the participants. To be able to talk about these issues for several days so extensively and heartily, was really great. In the group I felt very well, I have not experienced any misunderstanding all the time. The great house and the surroundings were still the icing on the top. I can only thank you for this beautiful weekend. It was also nice to see you live, Jonathan. You were also so close in the breaks, of course, and as if you were not a leader, but one of the participants. A nice dreaming experience I had tonight already synonymous, I dreamed, I had an out-of-body experience. :-) I can Christine and Chord only connect to this dream. The workshop was really great, not to say DREAM-like! ;) Kind of a pity, that the weekend was gone so fast. But as you, Jonathan, have already formulated it very aptly, the mood in the group was always good (why the seminar leader in my opinion a large part contributed to it). The size of the group was ideal, because one among themselves also in spite of the short time at the end relatively well. I am looking forward to the next workshop!!!"

Harald says:"Also from me heartfull thank-yous to Jonathan and all participants of the workshop. I have never met anyone like Jonathan, where so profound a match with my description of reality prevails down to the last detail. Actually, there was a 99% agreement, smile. It was also nice to be overshadowed by more than 100-year-old, huge trees. At all, the location was also fantastic.f"


Ulrike says: "I can only connect to my prescripts, it was a really class. :-) The environment was optimal, especially the mammoth trees I have seen. Impressive shapes have literally rooted me into the earth. I have a different reference to reality by the reports of you and the participants. My dream memory is not better, but I am more concerned with it and the dreams seems to be more real for me and also easier to interpret. This is especially important for me in everyday life with the parallel realities and the points of where you decide. So I have gained a real practical importance for me, not only that I register such branching points, but I also act accordingly by doing something different as usually. This alone was already worth to attend the workshop! Besides of many other insights and tips of course."